A mortgage is a legal agreement which puts the provisional right of ownership on an asset, with their own will, to a lender as a security means for taking the benefits of a loan. Whereas, a title search is a must before making any real estate purchase. The title searches ensure that the seller has the legal right to sell the property.

Scanning and Indexing offer the best and reliable services at a reasonable cost to all the clients. Due to a huge process, most of the companies fail to contribute a sufficient amount of time for the mortgage and title search services. And thus, we are here at your service.

Mortgage title search process

We are pioneers in offering the mortgage data entry services in a finest and flexible format to our clients including the mortgage lender and the broker. We will give out a rich output, without the worry of losing or misplacing any essential information.

We offer various mortgage Processing services such as:

  • Loan processing support
  • Underwriting support
  • Mortgage Closing Support
  • Post-closing support
  • Mortgage title support
  • Mortgage Appraisal Support

We also offer a complete set of Title process for all the mortgage lenders and brokers. The process commences immediately after the loan officer provides a perfect title for the loan file. We put out an order with the title company through fax, mail, and thus, receive an order confirmation to ensure that it has been received.

We receive the title for accuracy and completeness, including the ICL, E&O, and the Purchase Contract. Once everything falls into the right place, we send an e-mail to the processor and the loan officer. We also offer an in-depth report on all the documents which are collected during the search period.

Our major title search service includes:

  • Mortgage or Deed of Trust search
  • Deed chain search
  • Document reading
  • REO reports

If you are interested to avail our mortgage and title search services, kindly drop us a mail at info@scanningandindexing.com