Are you tired of frequently visiting an offsite storage location such as a library or a shop to get access to a book? Digitize the book right away!

In this competitive business era, digitizing the business documents or records have become a major necessity for accomplishing success. The expansion of digitization has simultaneously led to the emergence of book scanning services across the world.

book scanning services

“Experience a simplified and affordable book scanning and digitization instantly”

Scanning and Indexing is a leading and the best book scanning services provider based in India but catering to the demands of all our esteemed global clientele.

Do you own a library, a book store, or a publication firm? Needn’t worry! Our team of professional and experienced employees is ready to assist you with book digitization at a low-cost.

Being a reputed book scanning company and having an industrial experience of 5+ years, we are well-specialized in scanning any kind of books in many languages. We are capable of scanning the books in black/white, colorful, or grey scale.

Most of the organizations consider the process of book scanning to be their worst nightmare. And if you are one amongst them, come, and explore our book scanning solutions. We provide the client-satisfied, most accurate, and the reasonably priced book scanning services, irrespective of the volume involved.

Our Top Book scanning services include:

  • Library book scanning
  • Legal book scanning
  • Magazine book scanning
  • Medical book scanning
  • Historical book scanning
  • Textbook scanning
  • Notebooks, scrapbooks, yearbooks
  • Manuscripts
  • Newspapers

Our Process

  • Ship your books to our team
  • We will help you to scan; You just have to sit back and relax
  • Get the scanned version of books shortly

What makes our ‘Book scanning services’ different from our competitors?

  1. Making the scanned books easily accessible by an organization
  2. Correcting the distortions and making specific words easily searchable
  3. Minimizing the physical space occupied by books in educational institutes, government agencies, research labs, etc.
  4. Preserving the book effectively and maintaining the integrity of documents
  5. Use of the advanced technologies including high-speed scanners
  6. 24*7 client assistance
  7. On-time delivery due to the skilled and experienced professionals

We follow the first-class book scanning conversions including:

  • Scan to PDF service

  • Book-ePub conversion

  • Word ePub

  • Kindle ePub

  • HTML ePub

Looking for a book scanning services provider in India? Hire our team!

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