The prime purpose of form data capture services is the identification and extraction of business data from different scanned documents. Data capture process has become a significant part of every business organization, thus, boosting quick access for the entrepreneurs to specific information.

Scanning and Indexing is the well-respected offshore service provider of forms data capture service, successfully provided to the global clienteles at low-cost.

Data about the users make up an important component for the success accomplished by every organization. In order to get this accurate data, the information is captured from different forms.

Our well-streamlined forms data capture services will enable you to easily access the crucial data stored in electronic documents, online sources, or any hard-copy file.

form data capture services

“Get the precise and factual data at the end of your fingertip”

Our team is intensely specialized in effortlessly capturing and extracting the data from all kinds of business forms and documents such as printed forms, scanned or online forms, and digitized catalogs.

Along with being a leading at offering the professional form data capture services, our committed and experienced team of employees also strive hard to execute all other simple or challenging data capture services and data entry process.

Our major sources of form data capture include:

  • Survey forms

  • Research forms

  • Questionnaire forms

  • Business cards

  • Directories

  • Web forms

  • Patient records and healthcare forms

  • Charts and graphs

  • Bills/scanned invoices

Why should you prefer the ‘Forms Data Capture Services’ offered at Scanning and Indexing?

  • Presenting the captured data in the most suitable format
  • Utilizing the sophisticated technologies and delivering a result at an incomparable price
  • Using the best and modernized scanners to capture and scan the data from different forms

We ensure to make the maximum utilization of OCR (optical character recognition), data processing, or analyzing measures to execute a streamlined process of forms data capture.
Before our team initiates the successful capturing of data from various forms, we ensure to answer two prime questions:

  • What kind of information or data should be collected from these forms?
  • Why should you collect significant data from different types of forms?

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