Do you want to transform a bulk of physical data into a digital format? But, are you dealing with the complexities such as lack of resources and experienced manpower?

If yes! This is the place to eliminate your paper use and explore the data digitization concept!

Scanning and Indexing is the top-notch offshore outsourcing service provider of document digitization services at an affordable and pocket-friendly price.

We have significant years of experience in executing the document scanning and digitization services for simple and complex documents, forms, receipts, bills, files, business cards, and any form of physical data.

What’s preventing you from going digital? Share your concern and we will offer the right solution!

Document digitization is a simplified process of transforming the paper-based documents into electronic format. Our team of expert and knowledge possessing team will ensure to preserve your business documents with the incorporation of advanced document scanning technologies.

Outsourced Data Digitization Services at Scanning and Indexing

  • Document digitization
  • Form digitization services
  • Digitization of eBooks
  • Content digitization services
  • PDF document digitization services
  • PDF document digitization
  • Image or photo digitization
document digitization

We ensure to share the digitized documents with anyone regardless of the geographical locations such as data sharing platforms including the web, VPN, or FTP.

At Scanning and Indexing, our team of professional experts follows a streamlined document digitization process.

  • Rectifying the need for data capture
  • Collecting the documents from customers and aligning them in an organized way
  • Scanning of documents and preserving them as image files
  • Converting the scanned documents and images into digital format with the aid of OCR technology
  • Indexing the documents for quick retrieval
  • Organizing the documents into separate or combined files
  • Digitizing the documents for quality check

Benefits of Outsource Document Digitization from Scanning and Indexing

  1. Highly skilled professionals and a team of experts for specific or individual projects
  2. Delivery of quality-rich result within the time mentioned
  3. Creating long term business relationship with the implementation of a strategical approach
  4. Complete data security and confidentiality of the business documents
  5. Making the optimal use of advanced scanning technologies with excellent support assistance
  6. Affordable pricing and having a proven track record in document digitization services

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