The concept of document scanning has been widely accepted by a majority of the firms belonging to different industrial verticals. And, with this widespread document digitization concept, the law based firms, too, have embraced the document scanning services.

“Going paperless with a complete focus on data confidently”

Scanning and Indexing have turned out to be the top-ranked offshore service provider of legal document scanning services with the assistance of advanced technological innovations.

Our team of dedicated and professional employees executes the document scanning process to save, store and secure the legal records effectively.

legal document scanning services

The law related firms are facing a bulk of documents and records on a daily basis. And hence, it has become of utmost importance to create a ‘paperless’ office environment to save internal resources and time. The instant swing from the paper records to digitized law records can ease the efficiency and flexibility of internal staffs such as lawyers, etc.

“Successfully streamlining your legal documents for a smoother business functioning”

Our team is capable enough to manage the digitized legal records with a higher level of security. We significantly arrange the legal documents into a secured database of a law firm.

Our well-known legal document scanning services include:

  • Preparing the documents
  • Creating a legal database
  • Full-text imaging
  • Coding
  • Data conversion of legal documents
  • Legal document scanning and indexing

Legal Document Scanning Services on Demand

Are you seeking ways to scan your legal records instantly? The team at Scanning and Indexing offers 100% guaranteed solution pertaining to the legal document scanning services and retrieval demand as and when our clients require. The document can be digitized into a format of your choice with an easy accessibility.

Top Benefits of Hiring Our Legal Document Scanning Service

  1. Easy and instant access to legal records
  2. Electronic file backup creation for disaster recovery
  3. A cost-effective legal document scanning process
  4. Successfully and efficiently managing a bulk of legal documents
  5. Enabling the easy sharing of documents without risking the confidential data
  6. Optimizing the efficiency in storing and retrieving the data from legal records
  7. Minimizing the storage cost
  8. Customizable OCR solution to search the scanned images by a phrase or keyword
  9. Better productivity for the attorneys or lawyers
  10. Creating a comprehensive digital database for legal files
  11. Automating the working sequence of your legal documentation

The frequently outsourced legal documents for scanning includes:

  • Search files
  • Deed
  • Mortgage files
  • Disclosure documents
  • Contracts
  • Compensation claims
  • Death certificates

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