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It’s been nearly five years since we initiated our firm – Scanning and Indexing. And, since then, there has been no looking back.

We expanded ourselves in terms of increase in human resources, adopting new technologies, and achieving a name in the good books of hundreds of trustworthy clients.

From healthcare industries to constructions business, scanning and indexing along with offshore data entry find its essence in various areas. We have been catering to the needs and requirements of numerous industries at an affordable rate.

The process of scanning and indexing is same for almost every industry. It usually involves three steps – capturing, indexing, and storing.


We extend our services to the following industries:

HealthCare Industry – We help the healthcare industry by storing various documents and files such as patient’s records, bills, and insurance details and preserve them in an effective way. Failing to uphold the accuracy of health records may lead to prohibition or improvement notices, and heavy compensation payments. The records of health and safety document management include:

  • Accidents and incidents
  • Fire safety check
  • Purchasing plant and equipment
  • Health and Safety Manuals
  • Manual handling
  • Risk assessments
  • Maintenance and security records
  • Employment records (also consist of medical records)
HealthCare Industry
Financial Services

Financial Services – Documents play a vital role in the financial sector. We manage and store the documents of the financial institutes by converting the paper documents into digital files and securing the document management system. Our clients include banks, claim processing firms, financial practitioners, and much more. We offer services such as financial document scanning, invoice processing, and secure document storage. Our scanning and indexing solutions are designed for various types of financial information such as:

  • Purchase orders
  • Cash receipts
  • Claims
  • Cheque
  • Statement
  • Banking documentation
  • Tax returns and applications
  • Loans, Expenses, and Credit Agreements

Legal companies – We manage the legal documents and other essential documentation in a secured legal document management system, wherein the information can be easily accessed and retrieved. We cater to the needs of big and small legal industries assist them in easy access of information required for legal research, decision making, and legal review. We assure to offer secured legal document storage for contracts, deeds, client files, death certificates, and disclosure documents. Our services include:

Legal companies
Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production – We help the manufacturing and production sector to eradicate paper processing, reducing wasted time and costs. We help to automatically route the documents via your business process. We offer services such as document scanning, intelligent data capture, and automated invoice processing. We help the manufacturing and production sector in:

  • Digitizing paper records
  • Digitizing invoice
  • Digitizing your process and managing information such as client data, schedule of production, and stock control.
  • Providing real-time business reporting

Food and Beverage – We spend a large amount of time in achieving the satisfaction of our clients. We assist the food and beverage sector to minimize the cost of document creation, and printing and distribution. Our end-to-end services such as managing the promotional materials, training materials, HR documents etc. can increase the savings and accuracy while lowering the cost of carrying out the business. We manage the label reviews, sanitation reviews, and raw material testing. Our other extended services include:

  • Secured archive storage
  • Storing the documents on digital platform
  • Digital invoice processing
  • Data entry and data capture
  • Offering business intelligent solutions
Food and Beverage

Pharmaceutical – A lot of departments such as hospital pharmacies, and independent retail pharmacies, carries a large volume of paperwork every day. We protect the documents managed by these departments and ensure that the significant documents are digitally indexed, so as to retrieve them quickly. The pharmacy records include:

  • Protocols
  • Clinical trials
  • Prescriptions
  • Orders and delivery notes
  • Quality control documents
  • Ward pharmacy request, and much more.

Government – Today, most of the government agencies are in search for best scanning and indexing solutions at an affordable rate, to meet their expanding demands. We offer paperless solutions which increase the process of retrieving information. Security an important factor associated with government agencies and we assure to maintain the confidentiality of your documents. We enhance the communication and other workflow with record management and enterprise printing services. With the help of our effective electronic document management, we help various government departments such as:

  • Police
  • Planning offices
  • Clerical offices
  • Public safety departments
  • Administration section

Education – Schools, colleges, and universities (both private and public) consist of a bulk amount of documents. We assist the educational sector to handle the paper and electronic documents and also, to improve the efficiency and speed operations. We adopt the paperless solutions to manage the student’s records and operational files. We offer the paperless document management solutions in various educational areas such as:

  • Registration documents
  • Residency documents
  • Conduct statements
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Financial aid applications
  • Fee adjustment request
  • Admission applications, and much more

Market Research – We offer a variety of solutions to help your firm to minimize the time spent on research, and will also assist in the automation of your paper process. We will help you to transfer your data into the digital format, in order to make the data analytical process easy and effective. Apart from scanning and indexing, we offer data entry and data conversion services to the marketing research firms for converting and indexing the hard copies into digital formats. Also, include:

  • Document scanning
  • Data entry and capture services
  • Secured archive storage
  • Spreadsheet analysis
Marketing Research

Retail – Retail sectors utilize the maximum use of every square foot to expand their core activities and our scanning and indexing services are essential to offer ideal solutions to combat with your paperwork challenges. We offer solutions including document scanning, data entry, and archive storage. We provide effective indexing solutions to deal with various bills and invoices, thus, helping our client to store the information in a perfect digital format.

  • File can be accessed by reference, name of client, date, and shop location
  • Digital images can be stored and accessed by secured FTP upload

Energy and Power – We offer scanning and implementation services for the energy and power industries who are in search for a quality-oriented document management and scanning system. This industry is involved in generating a large amount of paperwork, consisting of purchase ledger invoices, personnel files, and plans or drawings. We help them by offering scanning of the paperwork, OCR data capture, and indexing to databases. We also offer assistance such as:

  • Managing the printing services for bill
  • Streamlining the record management solutions for the HR records
  • Business process outsourcing services
Energy and Power

Logistics – We offer customized scanning and indexing solutions for the transportation and logistics industry in order to effectively scan, index, store, and manage the electronic documents. We create a solution to capture the significant information from the non-standard paper formats such as delivery receipts and other forms. Our solutions also address other process such as:

  • Accounting
  • HR administration
  • Disaster recovery, and much more

Mortgage – We offer document scanning, indexing, and management support to the mortgage industry. When the contents are uploaded to our server, we utilize the mix of the automated and manual process to index, verify, validate, and store the data. Our effective solutions help to store the documents concerned with:

  • Loan Marketing
  • Valuation
  • Loan transfers
  • Loan modifications
  • Payment history

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