With the rise of industrialization, every industrial sector has been booming rapidly. In the present business context, the healthcare sector is considered to be one of the largest business vertical. And the expansion of digitization has led to the emergence of the medical record scanning concept.

Simplify your healthcare process with our medical record scanning services”

Scanning and Indexing is a globally leading offshore service provider of the document management solutions and is well-specialized in dealing with the medical document scanning and patient record scanning services.

Our team of professionally trained and experienced staffs will assist you with the efficient handling of medical record scanning and indexing needs to minimize your administrative burden.

medical record scanning services

Our simple measures of medical record scanning and indexing will help you to formulate better decisions, improved patient care, and optimized cash flow within the healthcare business. Our team utilizes the advanced OCR or ICR technologies for scanning and conversion process, including the digitization of patient chart histories within a few days.

Our topmost document management solutions consist of:

  • Detecting the inefficiencies existing in your present patient record management system
  • Merging our solutions and services into the existing workflow system of your hospital
  • Minimizing the demands pertaining to the onsite space and offsite storage facilities

Medical Record Scanning Services offered by our specialists:

  • Offering ample storage of all sort of media (paper, film, slides, etc.)
  • Systematized record recovery
  • Onsite and offsite storage of inactive records
  • Back file conversions
  • Easy and authorized access to all the electronic form of medical records
  • Eliminating the space to preserve the paper files
  • Clarity-enriched electronic record

We ensure a comprehensive scanning of the following kinds of medical records such as – clinical history, patient history or demographic chart, health insurance ID cards, insurance bills or claims, medical reports, hospital admission/discharge notes, pharmacy requests, referral authorization requests, and much more.

Benefits of availing our Medical Record Scanning Services

  1. Safe and well-secured storage of your scanned medical records
  2. Executing the onsite and offsite scanning process in a streamlined way
  3. Dealing with the bulk volume of projects under the assistance of our trained specialists
  4. Guaranteed on-time results at a reasonable cost
  5. Round-the-clock service support for scanning the medical records
  6. Successful record digitization and securing them in one folder
  7. Fast and reliable digitization of your medical paper records into the software system

Want to know more about our Scan-On-Demand services or medical record scanning services? Contact us today at info@scanningandindexing.com