How Robotic Process Automation is Transforming Invoice Scanning Services?

Invoice scanning is a process where the invoices of the supplier available in different formats are scanned to digitize and capture the information. Mainly invoice scanning services for an organization include scanning the invoices and converting them to digital format and conversion of paper invoices into required formats. With the help of the automation process, the invoice scanning process could be made simpler.



Invoice Scanning Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves the use of software that replaces humans to do tasks that are rule based or repetitive or prone to errors. It takes out lower clerical tasks enabling the organizations to work on their core operations.

RPA is a low-cost technology and hence it can be used to provide better invoice scanning solutions. RPA makes use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for invoice scanning which comes in paper, email, and PDF. And finally, the data is checked for matching.

RPA scans information like invoice number, payment terms,  order details, product details, and where to send the payment.

How RPA Components Help in the Invoice Scanning Services

The main components of RPA include:


The recorder first checks and records the keyboard and mouse movements of the regular works and then automation is done continuously.

Development Studio

Here the decision making logic and instructions are set for the robot to perform the execution.

Extensions and Plugins

The addition of plugins like Email, Word conversion, PDF Conversion , Excel would enhance the running of the processes.

Bot Runner

The robot automates the manual invoice scanning processes with the help of a recorder and plugins.

Control Center

It controls the robotic operations.Through this feature, one could stop, start or control the tasks of the robot.

Types of Robots for Invoice Scanning Services

Organizations could make use of the two main types of robots listed below.

Attended Robots

They work along with the robots to perform the tasks. This is used when the entire process could not be automated.

Unattended Robots

Here the robots perform the tasks without human intervention.They usually perform batch operations.

Benefits of RPA in invoice scanning

There are many benefits to RPA while using it for invoice scanning purposes.  Some of them are:

Increase Productivity

RPA makes use of robots that focus on specific tasks. So, they could perform heaps of that specific tasks without any form of errors.

Increase Efficiency

Robots could work for 24 hrs of the day without causing any form of delay or inaccuracy in the operations. Hence achieving better efficiency.

Better Security

Since the robot performs only single tasks, there is no doubt of data leakage. The data is fully controlled under operation. Hence achieving better security.


 The use of RPA in invoice scanning services helps in saving time, resources, and money. Thus, it is always better compared to the manual processes as it makes the operation simple. So, we can truly say that RPA could transform the invoice scanning and data capture services.

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