Document Scanning – Inhouse V/s Outsourcing

Greetings, mate; listen up! Back in the day, documents were tangible things, stored in rows of file cabinets! Even still, fax machines and paper documents can be found in offices if you look closely enough. Well, that’s a clear red flag in your office. In this era of Virtual reality and AR gadgets, manual documents are outdated!

Businesses have ditched paper documents and turned to digital documents. So, to change paper documents into digital files, document scanning has to be done. Document scanning is a simple process of transforming old paper documents into a digitized repository. This is one of the most widely chosen BPO services by modern businesses that plan to organize their files into a digital repository.

If you’re planning to scan or digitize your paper documents, you can do it two ways.

1.      In-house scanning

In-house scanning simply means you’re in charge! You take control over finances, resources, and deadlines. Your office team will scan your files, documents, paper sheets, or manual records entirely. That means the work will be done by a department, team, or wing within your company.

2.     Outsource scanning

Assigning your scanning tasks and operations to an expert third party or service provider rather than your team, a new squad, or a team to rely on. Giving the keys to a team that has expertise and licenses in scanning services across different sectors.

Of course, there’s always a catch and price for every act. Both ways have their own advantage and drawbacks when you plan to organize a large volume of data. However, let’s discuss the main points and some potential challenges that you have to know.

Buckle up, we are about to discuss some potential challenges and advantages. This will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your options and select the perfect fit for your business!

In-House Scanning

Let’s start with some of the benefits of in-house scanning processes.

  • Enhanced Security and Control

Security is the major advantage of in-house scanning! You’ll have total control over the whole place and its operations. As a result, your data will be protected by your in-house team at all times. Your team and employees know what documents hold value. Thus, they all know the place and value of documents and prioritize them. In short, important documents won’t be left untreated, and the risk of breaches is rare.

  • Improved Familiarity with Documents

When your in-house team is in charge of all scanning activities, you can enjoy more peace of mind because you can effortlessly sort out prior files and have a good understanding of documents that share good value. You can easily initiate your scanning process based on departments, employees, or any steps needed. The in-house team can categorize easily because of their Deeper content understanding and familiarity with the filing system.

  • Potential Cost-Effectiveness for Large Volumes

Imagine yourself at the helm of a large, complex business. You have to deal with large volumes of data every single day! When you plan to scan and digitize every document, it can take a lot of time and expenses. If you find time and the right person to pull this job, you can scan your documents without heavily investing in large scanners and advanced equipment. Even though there should be an investment in equipment, the cost per document scanned would be lower compared to outsourcing over time.

Here are some of the drawbacks of in-house scanning techniques.


  • Investment and maintenance

In-house scanning can be a big budget task if you’re managing a large team or departments. This includes purchasing scanners, document management software, and training staff for supervision. In addition, maintaining these devices and software licenses regularly can be challenging.

  • Expertise and Efficiency

In-house scanning may not offer the same expertise, accuracy, and effectiveness compared to a professional scanning service provider. For example, your staff may not possess the experience and knowledge to handle the equipment or software to carry out the processes. In addition, you can never process documents, devices, and expertise like a BPO service.

  • Scalability and staff time

In-house scanning can address challenges in scalability and time management. For example, in-house scanning operations struggle with changing volumes or quick demands. During peak periods, you have to find time for hiring and training additional staff. Moreover, document scanning requires employees’ attention and time, which diverts them from core responsibilities.

Compelling Reasons for Businesses to Embrace Outsourcing

The outsourcing industry is one of the booming sectors worldwide. Let’s discuss the perks of outsourcing scanning to an expert BPO provider.

  •    Cost-Effectiveness for Smaller Projects

Outsourcing scanning is a cost-effective choice for businesses with smaller and average scanning projects. For example, you don’t have to bring in a lot of money, and changes in scanning equipment, software, or staff training when you plan to outsource scanning tasks to a BPO.

You can literally choose from their wide varieties of flexible service choices effortlessly. Scanning & indexing services offer transparent pricing choices where you can pay per document. This pay-per-use model eliminates the ongoing costs of maintaining an in-house scanning team.

  •    Rapid Response and Flexible Capacity

In terms of speed and scalability, nothing comes near offshore outsourcing firms.  Expert scanning services can quickly scale their operations according to your demands and needs. Their flexibility in work and shifts helps businesses to cater to unexpected surges in document volumes. Their ability to upsize and downsize team strength guarantees on-time delivery regardless of the size. With advanced equipment, software, and processes, outsourcing scanning allows businesses to digitize files a lot sooner, easier, and cheaper without disrupting your workflows!


Both in-house and outsourcing scanning solutions help with digitizing, but outsourcing is the winner in an environment of changing needs and demands! Scanning and Indexing is one of the top service providers with a proven track record of over 499+ clients and a decade of expertise in outsourcing. If you’re seeking to outsource scanning services, partner with us to save significant costs with unparalleled speed and efficiency, no matter the size of your projects. Do connect us via mail at [email protected]. Let’s join forces!

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