Best Practices to Improve your Customer Service in Document Scanning

Document scanning and indexing services are needed by every business that intend to digitize their physical documents. Most of the businesses prefer to outsource document scanning and indexing to a competent offshore scanning services provider. Document scanning requires specialized scanning devices and indexing requires the right software tools. These add to the expenses for businesses that does not require scanning and indexing done regularly. Hence, outsourcing is a better option to consider as it is a cost-effective solution.

Here are some interesting tips to improve your customer service in document scanning:


Requirement Analysis

The document scanning service provider has to first conduct a detailed requirement analysis for every client. This is required to understand the importance of documents and their priority so that the scanning process, which is a time-consuming one, is done accordingly. The required document formats are also finalized during the analysis. A competent offshore data entry services provider will be able to suggest the possible requirements based on their experience and with the help of domain experts. Finally, the entire process flow is drawn up and agreed upon by both the parties. This makes sure that the customer knows what to expect from the service provider and the outsourcing partner will also know their responsibilities and deliverables.

Plan Well

The entire process for document scanning and indexing should be planned. The document priority as set by the business and the formats in which they require it have to be planned meticulously. At this point, the resource availability is checked and planned to make sure that the deliverables are provided at the agreed timelines.

Fix the Timeframe

Every task to be performed and every deliverable should have a timeframe clearly mentioned in a legal contract. This is important because when there’s bulk scanning and indexing involved, the volume of data that gets converted is huge and hence the bulk of data to be given to the business is also huge. Hence, to keep track of the completion of task in hand, it is important to keep track of the timeframe within which the outsourcing partner has to deliver.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is key to good customer service. The document scanning and indexing services provider should make sure that frequent and effective communication is provided to the customer regarding the progress of the work. Any unexpected delays or changes in the schedule must also be communicated to the concerned people at the right time. This ensures that the customer is well-informed of the work in progress at any given point of time.

Destroy Obsolete Documents

Once the required documents are scanned and stored digitally, the physical documents must be destroyed along with the obsolete ones. Depending upon the domain and industry, the local regulations and the business policies, the documents can be destroyed in a safe manner to protect the data from leaking or privacy intrusions. This must be done after discussing with the customer to make sure that all required documents are retained and the obsolete ones are destroyed efficiently.


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