Ways to Improve the Data Entry Accuracy in Your Organization

In the ongoing and progressing business environment, data entry is regarded as the significant and valuable asset of every business organization. Data management has evolved to be an efficient process of managing, storing, and updating the data within the database juncture. But, in the process of trying to stay ahead of the business competition, have you ever wondered regarding the data accuracy and challenges? If not, ensure to go out of the way and check on the data consistency and reliability.

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Data entry service is the most demanded outsourcing requirement by a majority of the enterprises. With the rise in eCommerce platforms and the accumulation of receipts in diverse industry verticals, the necessity for product entry and invoice entry has received greater prominence, respectively.

To survive in the present business scenario, outsourcing the data services to the specialists have become a common approach in accomplishing the credible result. No matter how much efforts go into the management of the data entry process, ultimately, it should yield an accurate set of possible outcomes.

Listing below is a few ways (or tips) to enhance the accuracy of the data entry service!
Source of Inaccuracy

One of the prime ways is to identify the source of data inaccuracies. Generally, the occurrence of data inaccuracy can be caused due to the data transfer from one database to another or because of the irrelevant data values. To end such errors from disrupting your data process, it is important to detect the inaccuracy sources and strive hard to fix these bugs. Remember, data inaccuracies have the potential to create unexpected and sudden hassles in your business functioning.

Software Utilization

The growth of technology has given rise to the integration of contemporary and latest software or tools into the data digitization process. The two most important technology assistance used by the BPO outsourcing companies in the data entry service includes OCR (optical character recognition) and ICR (intelligent character recognition). These tools facilitate the capturing and extraction of certain data automatically. The use of lesser typing leads to fewer or no errors, thereby, diverting the manpower to other productive activities. Before the advent of such state-of-the-art technologies, the occurrence of errors in the entry process used to be high.

Accuracy Goals

Every business organization should set strategic and realistic data entry goals for enhancing data credibility. The management of the organization should formulate easily executable goals for the rapid performance of the data entry process. The goals should be analyzed on the basis of successful data capture, online entry, and data coding procedures.

Cross Checking

To review the data is a significant stage in the data entry service for eliminating the inaccuracies. Every organization should take the initiative in developing an effectual system for reviewing and cross-checking the data process, especially in the instance of online entry services. The BPO outsourcing companies acquire a storehouse of dedicated quality controllers who ensure to check and analyze the data along with the detection and removal of errors. This is largely because data entry projects comprise of a bulk information. Handling a large volume of data manually can result in the development of hidden errors. These errors need to be detected and rectified on-time for boosting business growth.

Employee Training

It is always to be noted that the data entry operators should possess a sound knowledge regarding the importance of data digitization service. They should understand that even the slightest error in the data entry process can affect the overall business functioning. A frequent training session should be conducted for educating the knowledge regarding entry tools and software. The data operators should incorporate the standard accuracy check measures such as geocoding, data linking, data matching, etc.

To Wrap Up

Hiring the right outsourcing data entry partner can ease your process of capturing and keying the data. Scanning and Indexing is the top-notch offshore-based data entry outsourcing company, well-specialized in implementing online entry, offline entry, product entry, invoice entry, and much more with enhanced quality. Accuracy is one of the important factors that our organization focuses on with utmost consistency.

Collaborating with our professionally expert team of data operators will aid your business to save on the operational expenses and resources. For detailed information regarding our performance and accuracy, feel free to get in touch with our team at info@scanningandindexing.com


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