A shift to the paperless process can increase the document access, compliance measures, information security, and process automation. It can have a wide positive impact on the policyholder service.

Indexing the files across your enterprise is a time-consuming and challenging task. By decreasing the use of paper, firms can concentrate on improving their capabilities rather than hiring more staffs. When you utilize the paper-oriented processes, it can cost you hours to locate a particular document and make policy changes.

How to Index the Files Across Your Enterprise Effectively

A successful indexing requires the ability to look into future, excellent communication, and a well-organized approach. Given below are top 5 ways, through which you can index the files across your enterprise in an effective way.

  • Preparing the documents – Before you start off with the scanning services, you have to take out a considerable amount of time to remove the pins and staples from the file, in order to avoid any damage caused to the scanning machine.
  • Segregation – It is a necessary step to create and keep a track of the subgroups for your set of documents. Once you enter the data digitally, it will look after everything, right from handling the compliance, retrieval, and disposal. At times, it is segregated on the basis of the industry, to which your enterprise belongs to: medical records, employee records, legal, and HR records.
  • Layout planning – Your electronic document management system should consist of search mechanism, i.e., you should possess the capability of locating the policy number or social security numbers. It will help to increase the efficiency and productivity in the near future. Try to find a great balance between over-indexing and under-indexing.
  • Modifying your indexing plan – This part is all about the resource management. The fewer employees you take in; the fewer values you will be able to record in an electronic document management system. Compromise is an essential concept, if not, the risk of running the operation with too many errors would be higher.
  • Opting for professional scanning – When it comes to indexing the files, opting for professional scanning can improve the overall workload. Paperless processing is the storage mechanism used for the future of the businesses.
  • Personalized solution – Your goal should be to achieve efficiency and sustain in the long run. It is essential to consider your economies of scale. Small organizations would like to simplify their indexing scheme so that they do not run out of their resources. Every organization should consider a solution which will meet their individual needs.

When we talk about the challenges faced in indexing, you can follow the above-mentioned ways to ease the process.


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