Outsource Legal Document Scanning Services to Offshore Partner

The legal industry is flooded with paper works with every single shred of a document carrying sensitive information about clients. The legal community around the US is highly regulated and encompasses a wide range of practices from big corporate firms to independent practitioners. It is imperative that every document in possession of the attorneys need to be archived properly and stored securely for future reference. The advent of technology has its benefits to cater to the legal industry as well. Outsourcing companies provide legal document scanning services that help in the conversion of physical records to digital records which are then tagged and archived in a secure cloud server. These services are subjected to various levels data protection owing to the sensitivity of the content and hence it is always important that the legal firms find the right service providers who can guarantee quality, efficiency and security.

outsource legal document scanning service to offshore partner

Why Digitize Legal Documents?

Research conducted recently showed some astounding numbers –

  • About 100,000 sheets of paper are used by an attorney on an average in a year,
  • 3 hours a day, on an average is wasted by the clerks looking for files, documents or case information
  • About $900 is spent annually on a single standard law form filing cabinet.

The law firms and attorneys benefit a lot through legal document scanning – from saving the time of the clerk to saving up money and workspace – all of which can be put to use for more efficient operations.

The Indian Outsourcing Industry

With the advent of technology, the service industry in India has seen a boom. In the UK and the US – a home to the thriving legal community, lawyers get paid $300 – $900 an hour, which is expensive. To cut costs, many corporations are discontinuing their contracts with external law firms or are outsourcing a substantial portion of their legal engagements to countries like India. Outsourcing legal document scanning services to India would be a cost-effective solution to migrate all physical records to digital documents. Also, the difference in time zones help in round the clock shifts depending on the needs of the law firms. The Legal Process Outsourcing firms in India (currently pegged as a $500 million industry), due to their competitive prices for service, has been the reason why one out of every ten lawyers in the US is laid off from the law firms.

Leverage Outsourcing Legal Documentation

The legal industry is still struggling to cope up with the digital transition. 40% of the legal firms do not have software to manage the security/firewall, 20% of the firms do not have software for digital records management and 81% of the firms still do not use grade file collaboration services. On the whole, 95% of the legal firms are still struggling to go virtually paperless. With all this hindrance, the document scanning service isn’t going to be easy on them either. The best solution for the law firms is to outsource legal document scanning service. The physical records can be converted to digital records. The Data Entry team can tag them based on the client, the case and the type of document accordingly. This will enable easy accessibility if there is a need for future reference. The service providers can also guarantee the security of the digital transcripts by securing them with firewall, restricting access to relevant people and enabling metadata of each digital transcript with the user logs.


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