Long Term Data Preservation: Why Go the Digital Way?

Digital is the way forward – be it in business, academics, healthcare or any other field. The whole world is undergoing a digital transformation. Businesses are generating large volumes of data every single day online and offline. The social media receive billions of posts every day. The internet has a vast repository of digital data. All of these are in the digital format. Businesses that have recently adopted or are only thinking of adopting a digital transformation will have loads of physical data. They need to preserve most of this data for future usage with the help of Scanning and Indexing Services. Why preserve is not a question at all since everyone knows the importance of data and its effect in businesses. Why digital may be a question at least some organizations may wonder! Here we try to address that and explain why digital Data preservation is essential:

Scanning and Indexing

Risk of losing data is very low

Compared to physical format, the risk of losing data will be very low. With Document Management Solutions that offer a secure and easily accessible way of managing digital documents, the business can make sure that data is secure and only authorized people have access to the documents. The tools let you provide real-only access to documents which make sure that your data will not be updated as authorized people go through it. Thus, more users can access the same documents simultaneously without changing it.

 Different ways to store information

When you are storing information digitally, you have different ways to store it. There are different digital media such as CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray discs, Magnetic Tapes, Chips, USB Drives, and External HDDs where you can store data safely. You can also create multiple copies and store them in different places for better safety.

 Can be easily converted to compatible formats

In digital data management, formats make a huge difference. You can store information in image, text, database or any format as desired. An accomplished Document Scanning and Indexing Services will be able to convert the documents into any format required or even multiple formats. This is possible only in the digital format.

 Low storage cost

Storing digital documents is much less expensive than storing physical documents. When you consider preserving physical documents for a long time, ample measures have to be taken to preserve them. Humidity, space for storage, termites etc. can be the biggest hurdles to preserving physical documents. You will have to spend considerable amount of money to preserve the documents physically.

Easy to transfer information

Digital information is very easy to transfer and quite cost-effective too. When you decide to go the digital way, you can transfer your documents digitally by email or file transfer tools. There are very secure methods in which you can transfer your files. It is also easier to carry your documents digitally. A whole year’s bulk data can be stored and carried in a pen-drive or external HDD that’s hardly a pocket-full. You can password protect it and also encrypt the documents to make sure they are secured as they are being transferred.


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