Elements to be Considered For Form Data Capture Services

To easily retrieve the data, it is much simpler to convert it electronically or known as data digitization, where the data is collected, arranged, and stored. Compared to the traditional way of storing data, this can be stored effectively by taking much lesser space too. Even though most companies can use tools to capture data, they look forward to outsourcing this process to form data capture services.

form data capture

With the upcoming digital marketing trend, it is almost impossible for companies to survive without proper document scanning services. The ways in which companies capture data are through data entry, electronic identification, optical character recognition, etc.

One reason why you are able to successfully run your business or stay in the game is due to the form document scanning. You can either have an in-source expert to deal with the form data digitization or outsource it.

Data capture

It is much easier to understand the data digitizationprocess. Here in order to collect the data, a patient is asked to fill in a questionnaire on their initial visit. Through this method, you can create the data. In the questionnaire, they will enter the relevant details like name, address, etc. Do you know how to use this information? You can convert it into the digital form known as form data digitizationAfter form data digitization, it will be much easier for you to access the data. You can refer to the data more easily than saving the physical documents which will be easily destroyed.

Classification of Form

SRP categorizes the incoming form document scanning instantly. It distinguishes all forms of content (e.g. contract, invoice, request form, tax return, etc.) and uses four classification technologies: image, text-based, page-based, and rules-based distinction. The classification may be used alone or in conjunction with each other, according to the classified profile and your project settings (voting engine). Organized and semi-structured documents are categorized by picture identification; unorganized documents both seminal and keyword-based are classified by their text.

Extraction of data

Structured and unorganized data such as mortgage requests, tax returns, questionnaires, credit card applications, agreements and invoices, and many more are automatically extracted through SRP. Most market activities include interpretation and comprehension of granular content. The SRP platform automatically identifies and extracts corporate details from your content, particularly from unstructured information such as contracts and statements, to deliver text analytics. The full-text extraction can be performed by the SRP


For processing, those documents arriving with more than one page are identified, separated, and divided from the given document stream, thus seen as a single document for processing. By using the SRP, categorizing algorithms, blank page detection, and sheet separation are possible.

Verifying the data

The SRP provides automated and manual controls to ensure data integrity in the verification process. Integrated business logic often decides whether a data value is matched by a related business system, which allows automated matching facilities, direct processing, and high levels of automation.

  • Automatic checking

With our data digitization method, automatic data validation guarantees good data consistency and eliminates the human operator’s requirements for manual verification.

  • Manual Checking

In the form data capture services, manual checking is also used when automatic data extraction is not possible. In this type of form document scanning two individuals manually index the same document and after which a comparison is done to detect their similarity. The outcome should have the same indexes.

Scanning services

Even when having scanning software, you will need more time to transfer each and every data into your system. Opting for professional document scanning services is the best way to get these records into data digitization and stored in the system. To stay updated with the industry trends and to convert the bulk data they receive, most companies rely on form data capture services. Also, the time wasted by your staff in searching for the paper files or trying to enter the details correctly can be saved by outsourcing these paper works to a document scanning company.

 To provide you with document scanning services and form data capture, the best company to opt for is scanning and indexing. We make it easier for you; feel free to contact us at info@scanningandindexing.com


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